Quality is not an act

it is a habit

Quality assurance
Andersen provides customers with the best approaches in Software testing. We have specialists in manual testing, mobile, automation, performance and security testing. We are working to give you the best qualitative product for you business.
Functional testing
Our professional QA team covers the complete scope of system functionality to ensure unbiased quality of project
Performance testing
We use the most modern technics to make you product stable and reliable
Security testing
If you bother about your data to be saved, we will make it invulnerable!
Testing automation
The best way to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and coverage of software testing and to deliver flawless software to our clients within tight timelines
DevOps Integration
Devops is focused on automating of the development process, eliminating routine tasks from people, improving stability and quality of development and product.
Write Clean Code
Be sure that the developed code will be of high quality, and there will not be any problems with it in the future
Continuous Integration
Automated work - fast work. By automating the process, you can get a high quality result in less time
Centralize Quality
All the data that you need to evaluate and manage your project are in one place and do not waste your time to search it
Security control
Security control have to be applied at all stages of development process, it has to reduce all possible risks before app goes to productions. We khnow cost effective aproaches to perfrom security testing.
Help in creating protection mechanisms at the earliest stage of the project lifecycle, allows you to save money on eliminating security problems in the future
Help in security control throughout the project lifecycle allows you to be certain that the security solutions will be implemented correctly
Detection of vulnerabilities
Using advanced vulnerability detection software, you can find security holes before others will do it, but without spending a lot of money
Business analysis
Business Analysis helps you identify issues (problems, opportunities, and needs), define solutions to streamline your process, and implement changes to solve those business issues. Effective business benefits can be clearly articulated in terms of requirements which can be traced through the project lifecycle to measure its success.
Requirements gathering, elicitation, analysis & management
Wireframes &
Get everyone on the same page about software requirements
Business process & data modeling
Help business stakeholders make data requirements decisions without getting too technical