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Are you struggling to find qualified and talented programmers for your project? Let us help you quickly and efficiently expand your development capacity. In two weeks, we can provide you with a pool of talented engineers that can extend your team and speed up the development process.

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Our in-house engineers offer a wide range of technical skills

Front-end developers
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
Back-end developers
  • Python
  • Django
  • Java
  • C++
  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • iOS
  • Rails
Quality Assurance
  • Unit Testing
  • Selenium
  • PHPUnit
  • JUnit
  • Cucumber
How it works
We have proper talents to suit your needs
We provide you with relevant candidate resumes
You select your team
Team availability and project access
We have proper talents to suit your needs1

Andersen has over 10 years of experience in software development. In that time we have gathered a team of highly-skilled professionals with experience across a broad range of industries.
We will help you find people with the precise mix of skills, experience, and knowledge to build the team you need within your budget.

We provide you with relevant candidate resumes2

We will choose a selection of the most suitable individuals for your project within two business days, and provide you with their resumes.

You select your team3

We understand that each candidate needs to be a good fit for your team, and therefore make sure they are available for Skype interviews and technical tests, so you can thoroughly evaluate their suitability for the project.

Team availability and project access4

Once you have chosen your developers, they will be available integrate into your team – just like an in-house employee–and start your project within five to eight business days. During this period, we sign an agreement and you provide us with any credentials the team will need.


We understand that successful projects rely on a strict observance to best practices, and our engineers make sure to follow these rules throughout the software development process to deliver the results you need on time and according the agreed budget.

Daily Meeting

Step 5

Daily Meeting

4-16 hours Estimate

Step 6

4-16 hours Estimate

Software Development

Step 7

Software Development

Code control

Step 8

Code control


Step 9


Security control

Step 10

Security control



Jira report

Jira report


Communicate with developers through Skype by need and ask any question you are interested in

joint work
perfect result
Extra services

Our engineers follow the highest standards of teamwork and utilize modern and efficient working practices to meet them

Quality assurance
Quality assurance

We assign a QA engineer to perform manual quality control on every block of the solution.

Continuous integration
Continuous integration

Our engineers have experience working on large projects where 100+ team members are relied upon to provide stable and secure weekly updates.

Cross review
Cross review

We implement a cross-check approach to ensure goodapplication architecture.

Plan / fact control
Plan / fact control

We provide you with a weekly performance report to help you plan the next stages of the project.

Cost-effective pricing

We can save you up to 30% on your development costs and offer a clear and straightforward pricing strategy where you only pay for the agreed upon number of hours each month with no additional fees. No need to worry about vacation time or the hassles of employee recruitment or termination at the end of a project. Our flexible payment options are structured so you can test the software and be certain that it fits your requirements before completion.

Cost-effective pricing
Examples of resume

Find top engineers to accelerate your development process. Here are some examples of our developers available to work on your project.


We appreciate the referrals from companies we had a pleasure to work with.

Antti Paukku
Antti PaukkuSoftware Architect
Management Events
Our cooperation with Andersen started with an urgent need for five developers. They were quickly able to provide us with a team of software engineers with skills relevant to our requirements. The developers were always open to discussion about any issues that inevitably popped up during the project, and to their credit all were dealt with quite swiftly and positively – so we had no complaints.
Zouhair Charif
Zouhair CharifConsulting & Support Director and Co-founder
Andersen engineers have been flexible and responsive to our needs from the very beginning. Our requests were always carefully considered and despite the tight timeframe the developers always delivered on time without sacrificing quality. We also appreciate the readiness of team members to discuss and solve any issues that arose during development.
Jonathan BibasCo-Founder 
Ellis-Car - The Data Driven Company

Our knowledge, expertise and experience has allowed us to create innovative solutions for clients around the world.

6 developers
3 yearsJava, JS
11 developers
4 yearsSWIFT, Java ME, JS
2 developers
6 monthsYii2, Angular2
8 developers
6 months
24 developers
3 years.NET, Java, QA
9 developers
2 years.NET, QA
BNP Paribas
4 developers
6 months.NET
Management Events
14 developers
2 years
PHP, Angular2, QA
2 developers
2 yearsSecurity
4 developers
1 yearPHP, JS
2 developers
1 yearJava, AWS
Mogo finance
5 developers
8 months