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Quick facts

We have 711 highly qualified specialists with experience in development, customization and integration of complex enterprise - level solutions as well as advanced web and mobile applications.

Successfully delivered projects

We are specialists in different business and technologies domains.


Satisfaction rate

After a project has been delivered, we offer our clients to complete a feedback form. Most of our customers 100% satisfied with the final result.


Returning clients

Meeting deadlines and ensuring high standards are our style of life. 62% of our customers have chosen our team for their 2nd project.



We design innovative solutions to ensure data security, reduce operating costs and render automation to business processes to meet up every challenge of constant compliance requirements and new regulations in Banking and Finances Industry
One of the largest online banks in the CIS.
Mogo finance
Automated application for electricity bill payments, allows to monitor and control industrial and household expenses.
Description in the work.
BNP Paribas
Resources and Material Search System with the integrated function of smart search settings, a storehouse for more than 10 million e-documents.


We constantly cooperate with the world biggest retail companies. In our projects we use advanced development technologies to meet strong requirements of the most progressive retailers from dozens of countries
Media Markt
Helping people find the car of their dreams
Retail Geomarketing Solutions
Description in the work.
Dari podarki
Value-based solution with fast and simple navigation for a personalized shopping experience.
The system helping to run MLM business - it covers the processes from hiring and promotion through motivation to payment.
WinCo Foods
Monitoring system and execution of orders.

Multimedia & IPTV

We create easy-to-use solutions for all media platforms, bringing new dimension to the Media Industry, and became an asset to Mercedes-Benz, Rostelecom and other ambitious projects
Mercedes Me
Helping people find the car of their dreams.
Interactive TV
Easy access to over 100 channels for Android and iOS on your mobile. Adaptive bitrate technology offers streaming videos of highest quality.
Online voting system to support election campaigns in USA.
Ivi tv
E-TV on any device.


We have more than 10 years of successful experience saving lives and maintaining population’s health with our cutting-edge solutions. We are proud to have transformed innovative ideas into digital technologies used in 155 clinics worldwide
EHR System for Clinics
Electronic health record system for doctors and pharmacists.
Emfit connect
Application for movement activity report and all sleep classes analysis.
Fat Pack Challenge
Complex solution for medical treatment improvement.
Viscosoft Smat Matrasses
Medical examination and possible methodologies of treatment in one application.
First Beat
A nutrition software solutions for medical doctors, fitness instructors and professionals in sports to achieve better results in medical or wellness cases


We develop and deliver professional software solutions to our customers to meet their needs in retrieving and managing different amounts of data throughout the organization, and operating information in real time
Intellectual system for HR specialists to manage personal data of the staff and to decrease paper work, capable to make attestation analysis and reports.
Airport CMS-system to control and maintain operation processes in airports.
American Homes 4Rent
Automated calls processing with high speed and stability in operation.
Avertra Corporation
Intelligent solution for beverages producing factory.
Application supporting warehouse and personnel management.
Mobile app with integrated renting history calendar and property report.

Quality Assurance

Andersen takes care about each project delivered to clients. To make sure that users will satisfy a product, our QA manual and automation engineers test attentively everything related to the project: from documentation to the last symbol of code
Performans Lab
Cloud-based platform created to monitor, structure and obtain huge amounts of data.
Application with voice navigation and interactive map of San Francisco.
Social-media networking platform to unite and find people all over the world.

Our technology expertise includes C++, .NET, RoR, Python, PHP and Java, along with frontend and other multi-disciplinary know-hows such as mobility