511 San Francisco bay

  • San-Francisco Bay map with detailed transport information
  • Voice assistant on Spanish and English
  • Detailed route planning for all types of transport

The Challenge

A densely-populated area with rising levels of traffic and pollution, the San Francisco Bay area needed a unified transportation portal to encourage people to use public transport, ride-sharing schemes, or bicycles.

Nearly eight million people reside in the relatively small San-Francisco Bay area, which encompasses the cities of San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland. The region has a well-developed transport network of airports, highways, metros, railways, and bikeways, but population growth in recent years had resulted in more traffic on the roads that put a strain on the local environment.

To combat these problems, the San Francisco Bay Area’s Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) looked to encourage use of public transport, ride-sharing schemes, and bicycles, by integrating the various transport options into a single web app.

bike ride


To develop a transport portal with interactive map and detailed route planning.

To integrate carpool and vanpool alongside cycling as alternative transport options.

To develop the informational voice service for navigation help.

To organize the work of road help service through the system.



Portal 511.org

We created 511.org, a platform that offers residents and tourists a way to quickly find the best mode of transport to reach their destination, whether that is by car, bus, train, or bike. Traffic levels are displayed in real-time, alongside detailed information about roadside services, bicycle routes, emergency notifications, and the weather.

The easy-to-use web app took six months to develop and consolidates the region’s 9,000 miles of bus routes, 470 miles of rail transit, 1,420 miles of highways, 340 miles of carpool lanes, 19,600 miles of local streets, and 750 miles of bikeways into a single service for the first time.

Portal 511.org

mobile application

Informational service

To add new features to the web app, we established a new 511 phone service that uses state-of-the-art dual language voice recognition technology to automatically provide users with information about routes, transport schedules, and nearby service stations, without the need for web access or a smartphone.

Informational service

Informational service

Help on roads

The citizens and tourists of San-Francisco Bay needed a simple and clear service integrated into the app in case of car or bicycle breakdown or to find the nearest services, restaurants, and hotels. Integration of Carpool and Vanpool service.

The information is available in automated mode on short number and on the website. Geolocation allows mapping a route promptly or direct help to any user in need. After the service launch during a short period of time hundreds of drivers got the tow trucks in time or were suggested a route to the nearest technical service station. The bicycle riders who were far from the civilization and faced some problems also received their help.

Help on roads

Help on roads

Integration of Carpool and Vanpool service

Another way to reduce traffic load in the region is a car sharing service. The popular services that we added, including 511.org, allow people choose the appropriate variation according to their preferences and needs.

Thus, the Carpool users can find a companion or a driver moving along the suitable route. The Vanpool service suggests to organize cargo transportations based on the principle of car sharing, when one car carries the goods of several clients located in one region. Users reduce the costs on goods transportation, and the number of trucks on the roads reduces too.

Integration of Carpool and Vanpool service

Integration service


More than 150 thousand people used the 511.org platform within its first eight months. Over 5% of the local population now make their journeys on public transportation or through ridesharing schemes, and the integration of bike-routes into the platform has made cycling more popular than ever.


Client's Feedback

511.org changes the ecological situation in San-Francisco Bay for the better, and that is our main goal. We are also very happy to see the increased popularity of public transport and the motorization reduction. These are our main goals and their achievement would be difficult without Andersen team.

Alexander Selin, Project Manager

Alexander Selin