Amida Care
Strong security of insurance holding clients' data.
EPR-system: data record, transactions control and reports.
Cooperation between insurance holding members.

The client is a large holding formed by two insurance companies. They provide their services on different markets. The holding works with insurance agencies network and cooperates with many different medical centers. The number of partners and clients of this holding exceeds 50 thousands.

The most urgent for the client was the necessity to improve the existing EPR-system: to add new functions and further support its efficiency. The situation was complicated by the fact that the existing code was of a low quality and consisted a lot of bugs, and technical documentation was absent.


Together with the client we formulated the main tasks:

To optimize and describe the existing code, correct critical errors.

To implement data record, payments and compensations control, automation of data reporting into the EPR-system.

To guarantee high security level of the holding clients' and partners' data.

To integrate staff cooperation system.

Code improving
and errors correcting
New functions
Safe data access
Staff cooperation system

We started working on the project from the detailed study of a current code and correcting critical errors. To document the system code we had to connect with the previous developer of this system. While communicating we gathered the most part of needed system information in its current form, and we also documented 86% of the code.

After that we checked the system to be sure it corresponds the initial client's request, and we also inspected the code and tested the main part of the system. Then we eliminated the critical errors and the EPR-system became as the client wanted it to be.


Our team also developed an automated system for billing and payment that can to calculate the creation date and total sum of the bills for each of Amida Care’s 50 thousand clients, reducing the administrative burden on healthcare providers.


Beyond the additional functionality, our developers implemented the NIST SP-800 double authentication system to make sure that insurance agencies, medical centres, and hospitals could reliably and securely access the data they needed. We also ensured the code was secure and the database was protected in accordance with the US government’s FIPS PUB 140-2 information security standard.


Further, we created a new integrated healthcare database that securely combined data from the EPR-system and other partner organisations to create a single service that patients could use to find a doctor or medical centre covered by their insurance, and doctors could use to learn about patient medical histories and their insurance cover.


Andersen specialists have fully examined and converted the insurance holding EPR-system code. This allowed to eliminate critical errors and to realize new opportunities. Thanks to our efforts the client has at last got a stable, reliable and secured in accordance with actual standards system to cooperate with the insurance system participants.

The efficiency of renewed EPR-system is confirmed by its smooth functioning in 120 insurance centers, which provide services for more than 50 thousand clients. Nowadays our team continues to work on the system improvement and new functions implementation.

Client's feedback

We didn't like the previous system. Errors, gaps, wrong working small details came out. Now the situation has improved significantly. New functions are very useful, and we are working on further improvement.

Victor Sokolovsky

Head of board of directors